FUSION Australia's Vision.

Bringing young people and their communities together with hope.

FUSION Australia's Values.

Justice, Mercy, Compassion, Respect, Industry:

Justice: Recognising the boundaries that are an integral part of all aspects of life.

Mercy: The capacity to see life from the perspective of another.

Compassion: Moving past our own self-absorption to love & care for others & the world around us.

Respect: Recognising that every person has priceless value and all have a gift that we are only able to receive when we see them as separate and unique individuals.

Industry: Recognising that we all have a contribution to make to society and that we will only be fully alive when we are free to exercise our unique gifts productively.

FUSION Western Sydney's Mission.

Imagine Western Sydney bringing hope to the world through audacious faith, innovative action and authentic community.

Fusion Australia's Western Sydney Centre is a Christian Youth and Community development organisation with a heart for the wellbeing of the most vulnerable and isolated in our communities, particularly young people. Fusion Western Sydney's innovative youth and community work is amongst the most marginalised and disadvantaged in Australian neighbourhoods.

We are proud to be working with schools, churches, local, state and federal governments, community groups, welfare agencies, businesses and pretty much anyone who wants to contribute to society in a positive and healthy way.

Fusion Australia started in the 1960’s with the initial vision of attending to the needs of marginal- ised young people in Sydney. In the process it became increasingly obvious that a healthy and caring community was crucial to their development. As a result, Fusion expanded its vision to include community building initiatives. Today there are 20 Fusion centres in Australia, each committed to young people and the local community. Visit www.fusion.org.au for more information.

In working with the disadvantaged, we have observed growth in resilience among those who find purpose in the context of community. That resilience equips individuals and families to deal with life’s difficulties and produces capacity to care for others.

Centre for Youth & Community

113 B Station St, St Marys

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